Sell the Temp-to-Perm Staffing Opportunity

It is easy for temporary staffing agencies to fall into a mindset of churning temporary employees thru a succession of temporary jobs. Certainly there are some workers who prefer the independence of ‘full-time temporary’ jobs, and some workers who simply have not developed their skill set to the point they are viable candidates for full time employment but most of the applicants in your files really want a full time job with a long term future and – particularly with a little help from you – productive careers.

In economic down times and boom times, temporary staffing agencies can be the gate keeper to full-time employment. If you market your agency in this way it can be a powerful lure to attract higher quality temps. Several successful temp agencies have even combined temporary placement with a mentoring service to help their employees get back up to speed with business practices and technology. A 1- or 2-hour session, one evening a week on interviewing, resumes, social networking etc. can go a long way to locking temps into your agency, elevating their skill level so they are more valuable to you and your clients and providing a real value-added service in your community. Such a program has enormous perceived value when trying to attract applicants and separates you from the herd of other temporary staffing companies. Properly designed front office staffing software can help you track each employee’s progress along this path.

As the economy slowly crawls out of its doldrums, most observers agree that there will be an uptick in the temporary placement arena. In spite of numerous economic setbacks, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the 2010 – 2020 job growth to be significantly stronger than the 2000-2010 period. (source: Having been forced to cut back full-time employees, many  companies still have to staff up for certain projects that require more manpower or simply when a full-time employee’s job needs to be covered for a vacation, illness or other absence. Eventually many of these temporary assignments will grow into permanent positions. When that happens, far too many staffing companies lose the temp assignment and never get a seat at the table when the permanent hiring decision is made.

Start now to educate your customers and those on file within your agency that are more than a routine temp staffer.  You offer a clear pathway to permanent employment for your employees. Fill your job orders with ‘keepers’ and you will secure long-term bonds with your clients.

Upgrade your thinking in this critical area and you will upgrade your staffing agency’s bottom line.

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