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Insofar as business networking sites go, there are a whole host of offerings available via the web.  But how many do the temporary placement agencies and staffing sales professionals really use?  As a staffing software professional myself, I have personally seen benefit from the use of the following list of sites.  It’s short, but then most good things are.

    1. linked in logoLinkedIn| I have been a member of LinkedIn since the beginning.  LinkedIn is a great site for staying in touch with business and personal connections.  It provides a host of features to keep you in touch with your business colleagues by updating you on their job statuses and the site can be used to make sure you don’t ever lose touch with your colleagues when you change jobs or move.  Most every sales professional uses LinkedIn including most staffing sales and executives.Additionally, if you seek to hire (or even be hired) then the site can help you find people who have recommendations from peers and previous employers.  Typically, the recommendations appear right on the candidate’s profile online.Yet another use of LinkedIn is to utilize your industry peer group (or perhaps another industry group) to build reliable and industry-expert driven data about any topic you choose.  If you need to know how to sell more widgets to government markets, there is an open line of communication right to the widget makers and the clients to ask any type of questions you may need answers to.  Typically, the staffing industry pros are very professional and helpful on LinkedIn.  For a greater degree of specialty try a specific group on LinkedIn.
    1. facebook logoFaceBook | I know it’s almost cliche’ at this point to have a FaceBook account, but let’s face it, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  For most businesses, this is a way to join in free mass marketing.  You can create a FaceBook page for no cost for your business and network with millions of other staffing agency professionals doing the same thing.  It’s simple to setup a site and you can even add fans and friends to your site so you can keep them updated with any news about your job openings or candidates for hire.
  1. twitter logoTwitter | I detest Twitter.  There is no better or more succinct way to put it I’m afraid.  It is the bane of my existence and our shame as Americans for having created such a thing.  But, be that as it may, it is in wide spread use and just as we must endure Toyota cars that suddenly accelerate, we too must endure this American phenomenon.  So, use it to your advantage, because if your competitor doesn’t use it currently, he will.  More free mass marketing for your staffing agency.  Tweet your job openings or tweet about a new candidate, or tweet about your new sales person.  You get the idea.  Just tweet!

So, this is a good short list for you to start your staffing agency out with.  You can get your sales pros to open accounts and tweet their way to stellar sales.  I think my work here is done.

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